A Day at the Museum of Chinese in America

On Thursday, March 14th, the entire fifth grade, along with students from the 6th grade Chinese language class, visited the Museum of Chinese in America in New York City.
The trip was funded by the Asia Society’s Chinese Language and Culture Initiative. Hackley is now a member of the Asia Society’s network of select schools around the country offering Chinese language instruction. After being welcomed to the museum by the president and staff, our students were divided into small groups and experienced an interactive learning program to help them understand what Chinese immigrants encountered as they traveled to America to explore a new life. They learned about the trials and tribulations that the Chinese community had to endure as they worked to integrate into American society, taking on jobs on the railroads, mines, and various others fields. They also learned about the contributions that the Chinese made to American society in various aspects of daily life. Each group then presented their findings to the rest of the students. Following our museum visit, students were treated to a traditional seven course of Chinese cuisine at a local restaurant, including some dim sum delicacies. Students were awed by the various shops and vendors as we walked along Canal Street on our way from the museum to the restaurant