Hudson Scholars Earth Day Reunion

The Hudson Scholars reunion on April 13th, in honor of Earth Day, consisted of a variety of outdoor activities that exposed the Scholars to the wonderful outdoors while also providing stimulating and fun activities for them.
The were three nature themed activities that each Scholar participated throughout the day.

The first was an amazing explorative activity led by our ecology and biology teacher Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson, along with the help of the students mentors, led the scholars to the sites of vernal ponds in our woods, specifically Peeper Pond. There, the scholars were able to marvel at salamander and frog eggs, as well as try to catch frogs and hold these eggs on their own. This activity was aligned nicely with the current transition from winter to spring when many animals breed in these vernal pond, and this opportunity for both scholars and students alike to witness these ecological wonders was priceless.

The second activity, led by Dr. Pierce and Garrett Towne ('18) was an engaging exploration with the scholars at the HackDigs site, near the tennis courts. The scholars learned how to dig for artifacts with proper tools and technique and how to sift through dirt in search of smaller pieces. They really enjoyed the hands-on experience and had an awesome time working with the mentors on an activity most had been unfamiliar with.

The third activity was led by upper school mentors (and foraging experts) Ben Marra and Emmy Wenstrup. We took the scholars to the outdoor classroom to teach them about the problem that Garlic Mustard and other invasive species represents for our local ecosystems. The scholars were then shown how to identify and harvest Garlic Mustard, and even eat it if they dared! Finally, they were separated into groups and competed to collect the highest weight in stems and leaves of the plant from the forest floor in 15 minutes.