Camp Out!

On May 17, Hackley Fifth Graders enjoyed their first overnight “Hilltop Campout.”
Sara Budde, Kayla Simpson and Glenn Hasslinger led 25 students in a overnight at the Hackley campsite, which is in woods near the Dave Allison trails. The night started with a gym night at the Johnson Center, which was filled with fun and games, lazer tag, and a delicious pizza dinner. Then they marched out to the campsite in the dark of night. Once out in the woods, they pitched tents and got a nice warm fire going so they could roast marshmallows, eat s’mores, and tell camp fire stories.

The kids had a great time and the weather was good! The following morning the group hiked back to DelMoro field, where parents supplied hungry kids with tasty treats --  a great end to a fun filled campout in the woods.