Global Journeys Ahead

As we turn the corner into summer, not only do we look back at wonderful 2018-19 Global Journeys to Ireland, Canada, Israel, Peru, & the United Kingdom, but we also look forward to upcoming summer journeys that head off from the hilltop right after Commencement!
In the Middle School, we will have student-travelers on our Casten Trip: China! Their trip will center on the history & arts of the Silk Road (which, interestingly, actually comprises many different "Silk Routes"!), Many thanks to trip leaders Roy Sheldon, Monica Carrier, & Jared Fishman!

And in the Upper School, we will have student-travelers heading off on a Language Immersion Trip to Spain. Our students are making ready for their adventures in Madrid, Seville, & Granada. Mil gracias to trip leaders Sara Budde & Margaret Randazzo!