Leading Effort in Football Safety

Hackley School is collaborating with Riverdale Country School and other independent schools in the greater New York City area to partner with the Concussion Legacy Foundation to launch the Future of Football Project. The project will be focused on making High School football safer in our country.
This study over the next year, will be reviewing the rules, guidelines and what schools do for brain safety to help make the game safer for high school football players in America. They will be exploring areas of hitting limits, special teams, equipment, education, medical infrastructure and more. This is very exciting news and the first of its kind at the secondary school level.

The collaboration, initiated at the invitation of Riverdale Country School, furthers the effort already embraced by Hackley and other members of the league, schools that are at the forefront in regards to concussion education, management and safety. Hackley implemented Concussion Management protocols more than ten years ago, prior to the 2012 decision of NYSPHSAA to make this testing mandatory in all NY State schools. Hackley’s protocol includes SCAT 5 sideline assessment, SWAY balance testing, and ImPACT baseline testing.

In addition, the Hackley Athletics department supplies one of the highest rated helmets for safety, the VICIS Zero 1, for use by all Upper School players.

We believe these further measures will help make high school football the safest it can possibly be, not just for our school but as a model for school football programs across the country.

The CLF looks to use the research that comes out of this collaboration will by the end of the 2020 school year enable them to present the case for how to make High School football safer on a national level.