"Feed Your Curiosity": Message to IRP Students

On October 7, 2019, Kiegan Lenihan ’15 returned to the Hilltop to speak to the Independent Research students about his research experiences at Duke University.

Kiegan’s engaging and interactive presentation allowed the students to start to understand his impressive work on Method for Low Frequency Sound Reflection Coefficient Measurements in a Compact Space, as well as his current work on using the finite element method for acoustic optimization for sound source placement.

Students loved the “connection to physics that Kiegan brought” and thought that the “simulations were quite interesting and maybe something I could apply to my own research.” Aside from being technically interesting, Kiegan’s message to “feed your curiosity” and to “do what you love” really resonated with the students, especially since it was coming from someone who is pursuing both acoustic physics and is one of the top Track and Field athletes in the ACC.

All alumni/parents with present or past experiences in scientific research have a standing invitation to come back and visit the Hackley Independent Research Program. Our future scientists love hearing your stories, and these talks are formative to their careers. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Andrew Ying.