Hackley Debate Update

Both the Hackley debate programs saw great success this last week.
The US Public Forum team had a great showing this past weekend at the Scarsdale Invitational. Hackley sent three Varsity teams and three new Novice teams to the tournament at Scarsdale High School, for a total of 12 students! Varsity debaters performed admirably in the preliminary rounds, with junior Ben Kirsch earning 8th place in speaker awards.

Novices Jaan Rothschild (9th) and Zara Yusaf (9th), as well as Alex Elwell (9th) and Zack Couzens (11th) earned awards for their records in the Novice division!

In all, it was a great showing for the burgeoning Novice teams for Hackley’s Public Forum team and a great start to the winter season debates!

Upcoming Events
The Public Forum program will be sending eight students out of state for overnight tournaments this month. Seniors Max Rosenblum, Madeline Zuckerman, Jared Tilliss, and Neil Singh will be heading to Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament in Illinois. Varisty debaters Ben Kirsch (11th), Ben Aybar (11th), Sid Shah (10th) and Zach Yusaf (10th) will be heading to Villiger’s in Philadelphia. If you see any of them, wish them good luck!

On Saturday, November 9th, 11 students competed in the first High School Public Debate Program (HSPDP) event of the season at the West End Secondary School in Manhattan, debating 4 rounds of Parliamentary style debate. Students debated 4 separate topics over the course of the day, including whether to Abolish anti-trust laws, whether non-disclosure agreements do more good than harm, and whether or not social media platforms should ban political advertising. 

All four Hackley teams placed in the top half of the draw, with juniors Alex Goldman, Lily Napach, and Kiri Fitzpatrick in 2nd place out of a 32 team field as one of two undefeated teams in the tournament (they were edged out of 1st place on points), freshman Amy Kliatchko and Paul Evans came in 5th, and freshman Arushi Chandra, 8th grader Harper K., and 8th grader Jad B., earned 8th place overall. Freshman Mason Napach, Michael Potanin, and sophomore Catherine Lapey rounded out the squad in 16th place. Kiri was the 3rd ranked speaker overall and the top speaker from Hackley while Lily Napach and Amy Kliatchko also earned speaker awards for their performance.

The next HSPDP tournament will take place at the Wilberforce School in New Jersey on Saturday, December 14th. Interested debaters should contact Mr. Fitzpatrick.