Weight Throw Clinic with Olympian Paddy McGrath

On Thursday, November 20. Olympian Paddy McGrath held the weight throw clinic for Hackley throwers. Coach Paddy competed in hammer throw at Olympics in Sydney 2000 and currently coaches throwers at Manhattan College.
One of his athletes, Rudy Winkler, made U.S. team and competed in hammer throw at Olympics in the Rio 2016.

Hackley throwers were privileged to have the chance to be coached by someone who proved himself as an athlete and as a coach as well. The weight throw is very demanding and challenging event. It was added to our Ivy League competitions after coach Dejan Maksimovic proposed it a few years ago. Our alumna Ivie Uzamere won a medal in weight throw at the State Federation meet representing Hackley school in 2016. She is currently Wesleyan College thrower and division III champion.

This event requires strength, explosive power, coordination and ability to use the momentum. Girls throw 20lbs weight and boys throw 25lbs weight from the throwing circle with rotational technique.

The session helped Hackley students improve their technique and to understand the importance of drills and repetitions. They also learned how to use the momentum of the haevy ball. Coach Paddy also emphasized how important is athleticism and preparation for this event. Athletes need to work on their speed, power and core strength doing Olympics lifts and form specific exercises.

Hackley's throwers squad: Tajah Burgher, Graycleen Green, Skyler Safriet, Sean Ford, Nick Pink and Gabe Baez.