Strong Showing for MS Debaters

In their second tournament of the season, more than 30 MS student competed at the West End Secondary School in Manhattan on Saturday, December 7th.

Hackley teams earned 4 of the top 5 team awards (including 1st place) and Hackley speakers earned the top 4 positions.

Sofia D., Spencer O., and Tommy T. won the tournament and Tommy won the coveted gavel. Harper K., Jake C., and Charlotte F. came in 3rr, Robbie G. and Jad B. came in 4th, and Vivek M., Angel C., and Nina Z. earned 5th place. 7th graders Philp M. and Arjun V. and 8th graders Sam K. and Indira B. also had strong showings.

Overall, our impressive efforts gave Hackley the overall top school award. While our 5th and 6th grade teams are still learning the ropes, they are gaining valuable experience that will pay off if they stick with it. Lily H., Isabella Z., and Zach W., Jonah G., David G., and Josh G., Philip I., Julian M., and Inkosi B., Zizi D. and Brian F., Annie S., Annika D., and Ben I., and Riyaan R., Justin D., and Dylan G. are all the future of Hackley MS debate and continue to improve.

The next events will be held on January 25th at both Hackley and West End.