Public Forum Debate Update

Fourteen students attended the Ridge Debates in Basking Ridge, NJ, last weekend, Dec. 13-14, gaining another five rounds of national circuit tournament experience.
This concluded debating the benefits and harms of the U.S. federal government's use of offensive cyber operations. Attending were: Aiden and Ben Aybar, Daniel Cai, Zach Couzens, Sydney DeFelippo, Alex Goldman, Harrison Hayward, Kevin Kim, Michael Lee, Arav Misra, Ishaan Ratliff, Jaan Rothschild, Sid Shah, and Zara Yusaf. Harrison and Daniel posted a winning record in their first tournament together and this year, and Ben, Sid, Michael and Zara mixed things up "running a K" in their final round - parlance for kritik, or critique, the act of argumentation outside the usual framework of a debate.

Next up in Public Forum: "Resolved: The United States should end its economic sanctions against Venezuala."