Civic Engagement and Service Learning

On Friday, 1/17, students in the Civic Engagement for Advanced Spanish Speakers course spent time with the Hispanic community at Neighbors Link, a resource center that aids the local community in Northern Westchester County.

As part of a service learning project, the students had surveyed Neighbors Link regarding their clientele’s needs. When they heard that the community would benefit from clear information regarding the 2020 census, the students set to work.

They decided to create  this video that would explain the history and purpose of the census in Spanish in order to encourage client participation. They researched, wrote and edited the script, memorized their lines, designed the graphics, selected background music, and were filmed by Wade Tonken, Hackley's videographer.

On Friday, after being led on a tour of the facility by Rebecca Sussman, Director of Parent Education, the students installed and played the video for members of the community. The clients were thrilled with the students’ efforts, and immediately shared stories (in Spanish) about friends who hadn’t participated in the 2010 census, but who were now much more likely to do so. The video will be shared with all clientele at Neighbors Link in the coming months.

Many thanks to our students for their outstanding civic engagement! ¡Muchas felicidades y gracias a los estudiantes por su excelente trabajo cívico!