US Debate Update

Over the Martin Luther King, Jr, holiday weekend, in Lexington, MA, 12 debaters braved inclement weather and a tough national circuit debating Resolved: The United States should end its economic sanctions against Venezuela.

Hackley graduate Tucker Wilke '19 (Brown U) coached the team, observing rounds. Three teams advanced to out-rounds with winning records (Max/ Madeline, Zara/Zack C, Zach/Ben K), with Zach Yusaf and Ben Kirsch advancing to double-octofinals. Madeline Zuckerman took a speaker award, placing 14th in a field of 284 debaters. Participants were: Daniel Zhang, Harrison Hayward, Sydney DeFelippo, Michael Lee, Ben Aybar, Sid Shah, Zack Couzens, Zara Yusaf, Captains Max Rosenblum and Madeline Zuckerman, Zach Yusaf and Ben Kirsch.

The US debate team will conclude debating the Venezuela resolution at the Columbia University Invitational on January 24 to 26. Participants are Ishaan Ratliff, Arav Misra, Daniel Zhang, Daniel Cai, and Zach and Zara Yusaf.