Hudson Scholars Leadership Presents at National Conference

In their capacity as leaders of Hackley's Hudson Scholars program, David Sykes and Dawn Crainer presented at the National Network for Schools in Partnership conference in Philadelphia on Sunday, January 26th and Monday, January 27th.

The conference was focused on community engagement and partnerships. Dave and Dawn,  Director and Assistant Director of the program, respectively, focused on the meaningful opportunities that the Hudson Scholars program provides for enrichment, for service learning, and for growth for all participants: Scholars, upper school mentors, and teachers.

Through numerous partnerships within the Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown communities (and broader Westchester community), Hudson Scholars has been able to align the Hudson Scholars curriculum to meet community needs while at the same time empathizing core values such as effort, resilience, collaboration, civic engagement, empathy, creativity, among others.

The program brings growth and learning to the Scholars, but also to the mentors, all while creating a deeper and more authentic connection to Hackley’s local community and allowing all groups to learn from varying perspectives.

Three Upper School students – Alex Gray, Clare Didden, and Talia Shoshani -- attended the conference as well, helping with the presentation. The students brought their unique perspectives as they shared about the strong connections/bonds they have formed with the Scholars and the powerful impact the program has had on them. Their voices, expressing their authentic care for the Scholars and their committed approach to the program, were an invaluable addition to the presentation. (Read more about the Hackley Hudson Scholars Program here.)