Helping Hands at Loaves and Fish Soup Kitchen

On Saturday, January 25th, ten middle school students volunteered at the Loaves and Fish Soup Kitchen in Ossining. It was wonderful to see all four grade levels represented among the volunteers, united to serve their local community.

As always, students first set up a welcoming atmosphere for guests to dine at, and then kindly served them hot meals and dessert that evening with their “helping hands." For the students who have previously volunteered at this soup kitchen, it is always lovely for them to recognize some of the guests and pick up with conversation had previously. And for our newest volunteers, it granted them the same opportunity to meet and grow a rapport with our frequently attended guests. The guests continuously thanked the students for their service and for making them feel comfortable and accepted.

If interested in volunteering at an upcoming MS soup kitchen, please reach out to Jen Louros for a list of future dates and availability.