Parli Debate Update

On Saturday, February 8th, four teams of Hackley Parliamentary debaters competed at our 3rd High School Public Debate tournament of the season, hosted here at Hackley.

Thirty-two teams from 10 schools competed, debating such as issues as the merits of a net wealth tax, the pros and cons of public sector unions, and the overall effect of the recent impeachment of the President. Our own Hackley team of Amy Kliatchko, Lily Napach, and Kiri Fitzpatrick won the tournament as the top ranked team of the day and Hackley had four of the top eight speakers, Kiri earning 2nd, Lily 4th, Alex Goldman 6th, and Harper K. 8th.

Special honors to all the rest of our debaters including Mason Napach, Arushi Chandra, Aiden McComiskey, and 8th graders Tommy T., Sofia D., and Jad B. for their performance.

Overall, along with the ten Public Forum debaters in Philadelphia this weekend, Hackley had over twenty students competing in High School tournaments.