Hackley Families and Students Respond to COVID-19

During this challenging time, Hackley’s community has responded courageously by actively volunteering to help people in need. While our K-12 students wrote over 150 gratitude letters to first responders and essential workers though a school-wide campaign, our families have been no less active at home!
From creating 3D printed and hand-sewn masks to creating and delivering thank you cards to feeding frontline responders to providing music for those who are ill, we think you will be awed by this slideshow of what members of our amazing community have been doing.  May we all be inspired by these acts of selflessness, and may we each continue to reach out to those in need of help.   
Hackley’s Service Team

PS. For ideas on how you can receive or give help, remember to check the Distance Learning Service Opportunities site on HOL > Hilltop at Home.