News from the Classics Department

(By Dr. Pierce, Classics Department Chair, MS DEI Coordinator) This article is long overdue, but fortunately we were able to celebrate our scholars at an online ceremony in the spring.  At that time, we also bid farewell to the wonderful Claudia DeSantis who retired after 5 years on the Hilltop.  Her 6th grade class spearheaded an initiative to make a movie of memories and fun in her honor, and we watched it all together during the party.

She was so touched, and I’m sure she has watched the video over and over again.

Our Greek students took the National Greek Exam right after our exams in February.  Austin B. and Emmy W. ‘20 were awarded green merit ribbons, and Syd S. ‘20 achieved the blue ribbon, the highest award.  Late in the spring, 6 of our students submitted entries to the SCRIBO contest.  They wrote creative stories or cartoons on the topic of daily life in ancient Rome.  Thomas D. and Advith S. were awarded cum laude, and Allison C. won a summa cum laude for her colorful and fanciful cartoon.  Ashley C., Abigail N., and Jad B. were lauded for their work as well.

On the Medusa Myth Exam, Alexander K. won a laurea certificate, and Jad B. a certificate olivae.  Allison C. and Michael L. took home bronze medals, Leon H., Travis K., and Sonali R. silver, and Thomas D. and Sid S. won gold.  One of our most popular external contests is the National Classical Etymology Exam which we sit for in November.  Sid S., Mateen N., Advith S., and Cate G. achieved bronze; Alexander K., Emmy W., Morgan O., and Maggie Z. took home silver.  Our gold medalists were Thomas D., Michael L., Daniel S., Kylie M. ‘20, and Helen S. ‘20.

On the National Latin Exam, our scholars once again covered themselves with well-earned glory.  Shaun K., Juno Y., Fiona P., and Sophie F. were awarded a certificate of achievement on the Introduction to Latin exam, and Abigail N., Mason L., and Shikhar M. won ribbons and certificates for their outstanding achievement.  On the Latin 1 exam, Esther C. and Tyler M. won cum laude, Tabitha J. and Rafael C. won magna cum laude, and Lucas V., Brodi C., and Dylan F. won silver.  Nina Z., Sam S., Max N., and Matthew G. were our gold medalists, as was Daniel C. who also had a perfect paper.  Daniel received a hand- lettered certificate as a part of his recognition.

On the Latin 2 exam, Ashley C., Charlotte J., and Travis K. won cum laude; Harper K. and Leon H. took home a magna cum laude certificate.  Our silver medalists were Morgan O., Jaan R., and Maggie Z., and Sam S., Sonali R., Jad B., and Allison C. took home gold.  Zara H., Afsana D., and Daniel S. were recognized with magna cum laude on the Latin 3 exam; Advith S. won a gold medal.  On the Latin 4 prose exam, Fran A. was our sole winner with a magna cum laude award.

Greg R. had a cum laude, and Ben A., Kylie M., Dylan O., Tajah B. ‘20, and Michael L. all had magna cum laude on the Latin 4 poetry.  Wes N., Catherine L., and Maxwel L. were our silver medalists,and Sid S. and Thomas D. once again shared gold.  In addition, Thomas received a book award for his 4 consecutive gold medals.  Finally, Austin B. was our sole recipient, a magna cum laude on the challenging Latin 5 exam.

At Class Day, we recognized Cate G. and Austin B. as our junior Classics award winners.  Alex E. ‘20 was our Sherman Book Award winner for her dedication to and achievements in Classics.

And, last but certainly not least, this fall we welcomed Chris Sheppard- who prefers to be called by his Latin name, Armentarius (shepherd), in the classroom - to the Hilltop as the newest member of the Classics Department. Chris hails from New Jersey and, most recently, from Blair Academy.  He is already making his presence known on campus - as Latin teacher, Boarding Associate, and Debate Coach; his boundless energy and good humor have made him a welcomed addition to our community.

Please join us once again in congratulating our scholars for their many achievements.