Students Take the Lead in Election Day Discussions!

With Election Day approaching, students in all three divisions have been asking questions and discussing the 2020 election cycle.

In the Lower School, students developed questions about the elections and the United States’ political system.  Upper School students will meet with Lower School students to answer these questions and others, further connecting the two divisions.  

Upper School students in Steve Fitzpatrick’s Government and Politics class and Emily Washington’s Civic Engagement for Advanced Spanish Speakers are creating short videos about the United States’ election process.  These videos are screened in Friday morning homerooms in grades 5-12.  Recent videos focused on understanding the Electoral College and exploring the significance of the US Senate, highlighting a few closely watched Senate races.  Next week’s video will address voting rights and access.  

The students are engaged, curious, and thoughtful about this election cycle.  They have already demonstrated a deep understanding of how to discuss difficult topics respectfully. They have modeled civil discourse in formal discussions— in classrooms, optional drop-in lunch sessions, and in a recent evening Air and Share for Upper School students—and informal conversations happening around us on campus.

As our students continue to expand their knowledge of civic understanding and engagement through civil discourse, so too will their ability to learn from varying perspectives and backgrounds expand.