First 2020-21 Tournament for Middle School Debaters

On Saturday, November 7th, 25 Middle School debaters competed in our first tournament of the season using the video platform on NSDA Campus. 

Our students completed 4 rounds of debate on such topics as whether NYC schools should remain completely online this fall, whether the American Two Party system is bad for democracy, and whether US citizens should be required to complete 2 years of national service.

Our team did well, earning a school award for the most number of wins as well as one of our teams going undefeated in the tournament! Annie S., Ella C., and Annika D. (pictured) went 4-0 to earn 5th place overall on points and several of our other teams, Sejal V. and Angela C. as well as Arjun V., Vivek M. (Hackley’s top speaker in 13th place overall) and Nina Z. earned 3 wins.

The remainder of our debaters, including Riyaan R., Dylan G., Jonah G., David G., Rani B., Rafael C., Dylan F., Philip M., Valentina C., Lily H., Isabella Z., Madison C., Julian B., Ben I., Juno Y., and Philip I., also had a great experience. Our next event is on Saturday, December 5th.