Hackley 7th and 8th Graders Compete in the 1st Inaugural MS Ethics Bowl!

Following in the footsteps of their US counterparts, five 8th graders and three 7th graders participated in the first ever NYC Regional MS Ethics Bowl on Sunday, January 31st over Zoom.

Teams from four schools discussed such topics as the ethics of reading someone’s personal diary and the removal of Confederate monuments, as well as examining the cash bail system in the US, and evaluating the ethical values of paying teachers or students for increased test scores.
The Ethics Bowl is a competition which encourages teams of up to 7 students to engage in a give and take with another team, discussing the issues from a variety of ethical perspectives. The goal is not to convince the three-judge panel that your position is necessarily the correct one, but to demonstrate an understanding of the range of issues that go into analyzing an ethical dilemma. Teams are awarded points for the comprehensiveness and clarity of their presentations, nuanced understanding of the issues through their questions and commentary on the other team’s presentation, and an ability to answer questions from the judges during a 10-minute Q&A session.
Our 8th grade team consisting of Jasper Q. and Fox Q., N’Darri Bentsi-Addison P., Jack M., and Vivek M., came in 2nd place as one of only two teams with a 2-0 record. Our 7th graders, Abigail N., Jiya D., and Fiona Pe., came in 4th place with a 1-1 record.
Stay tuned for information about the possibility of holding an intramural all-Hackley Ethics Bowl scrimmage later in the spring online if there is interest!