Senior Artists of the Week: 2/12/21

The Visual and Performing Arts Departments celebrate the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.

Performing Arts

Hadassah Henderson '21
Hadassah Henderson has been an all-around performing artist throughout her tenure at Hackley. From vocalist to actor, Hadassah has performed and participated all four years with Upper School Drama, was a founding member of the Upper School Musical Theater Workshop (with lead roles in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and this year’s production of Into the Woods Jr.), participated in the Female Chorus, and is a featured vocalist in the US Jazz Combos. Her energy and enthusiasm for performing is contagious to her fellow cast members and she consistently infuses both power and thoughtfulness into her performances.
Hadassah was also featured in the Upper School Collage Concerts for the past two years and regularly shared her talents in numerous Coffee House performances; she was selected to be the host of Coffee House this year.  Her passion for music and drama, her on-stage energy, and her leadership skills have contributed tremendously to the success of our Performing Arts groups.

Visual Arts

Ocean Saric '21
In an art program known for producing remarkably strong drawing students, Ocean is one of the strongest and most versatile the department has seen in many years. Whether turning the form of a ceramic object in a classical still-life, or rendering the jetpack of a Space X IVA suit, Ocean tackles any subject with the same facility and grace. His control of any dry medium—from pencil and charcoal to chalk and oil pastels—is truly impressive, and on par with the best college foundations art students. His design and color sensibilities are equally as sophisticated, and consistently raise his drawings above his instructors’—and even his own—high expectations. When on display in the Upper School corridors, his drawings not surprisingly elicit inquiries from interested buyers! For his AP Studio Art sustained investigation portfolio, Ocean is developing a series of images that playfully smash together his curiosity for skeletal forms with his interest and passion for space exploration. Ambitiously scaled, exquisitely drawn, and richly colored, his compositions would be as admired in an art gallery as they are in the senior studio!