Senior Artists of the Week: 2/19/21

The Visual and Performing Arts Departments celebrate the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.

Performing Arts

Will Gannon '21
Hackley music programs are designed to help students discover the power of music and to develop and express creative imagination and self-expression. Will Gannon has certainly embraced those goals. Always fascinated with music, William has been a dedicated and motivated musician, spending countless hours practicing, pushing his limits, and improving his musical skills and his level of performance.

As a talented and dedicated trombonist, Will has been an indispensable member of the Performing Arts Department and the band programs throughout Middle and Upper School.  During that tenure, he successfully participated in many NYSSMA programs: he was selected to perform All-County Band in the 6th, 7th, and 9th grades, with the  All-County Orchestra in 8th grade, and with Area-All State Band in 10th and 11th grade. To deepen his skills, he spent the summer studying at the Hoff Barthelson Music School after his Freshman year. Most recently,  Will has participated in both the Hackley Jazz and Concert Bands. Will plans to continue musical participation and trombone playing in college. Hear Will perform Concerto in F Minor by Handel 3rd Movement.

Visual Arts

Anna Sanzenbacher '21

At Hackley, the creative process is understood and experienced not only as an artistic act, but as a journey; frequently challenging, at times circuitous, and often rich and rewarding. Anna Sanzenbacher has had an incredible journey in Hackley’s art studios. Over the years, her longtime enthusiasm in art has grown into a passion, her interest evolved into a wonderfully personal vision, and her skills advanced to the highest level. Although known for her quiet, unassuming, yet laser focus in the studio, Anna this year is taking the AP Studio Art challenge by storm. Her lovingly rendered charcoal drawings of childhood stuffed animals, playfully yet eerily submerged in dark water, simultaneously soothe and unsettle the viewer—and remind us that life’s journeys are full of surprises. Universally admired by her peers during our group critiques, her drawings comprise one of the most original and nuanced sustained investigation portfolios the department has seen in many years. Keep an eye out for her largest and most ambitious piece yet… on track for display next week!