Seniors of the Week: 2/19/21

The Athletics department celebrates the Class of 2021 through a Seniors of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating athletes.

Jacob Zelvin ’21 - Boys’ Squash
Jacob has worked hard in the two years he has been part of the Squash team. His determination during practice has improved his game and level of play, and he continues to have a great attitude and drive. Jacob always joins practice with a calm, relaxed, and positive attitude which balances the team well and encourages collaboration. He will go on to do great things!

Audrey Pizzolato ’21 - Girls’ Squash
Audrey has been a great addition to the Girls Squash team this year. Having no experience in squash, she has picked the game up quickly and effectively over the last few months. Not only does Audrey exhibit great athleticism, she also has a great attitude and is a natural leader among her peers. She works hard and is always encouraging others to do the same. She will undoubtedly have a great impact on squash if she chooses to pursue the game going forward.

Anna Sanzenbacher ’21 - Girls’ Squash  
Anna has been a great captain to her teammates this season. Given the circumstances of the season, she is always the first to show up, demonstrating her positive attitude and an amazing work ethic. Over the last two years, Anna has worked extremely hard at developing her on-court game as well as dedicating time off-court to further improve her fitness. She has been a great role model to the younger members of the team, and is always encouraging and supportive. Anna has set a great example for future captains to come. We will miss her next season!

Tyler Wyman ’21 - Wrestling  
Tyler is a great athlete and an incredibly talented wrestler. His desire to win and his love for the sport are infectious. Most of his peers try to emulate his style of wrestling and are inspired by his efforts and his success. Tyler has accomplished a lot over the past 6 years. In middle school Tyler won the FAA’s in both 7th and 8th grade. He was a three time Ivy Champ and a two time NYSAIS Champ. Tyler also qualified for Federations in Albany twice. Other accolades include earning 3rd place at Westchester County in 2020, accruing 67 career wins, 134 takedowns, and 44 pins.  As a measure of their respect for him, Tyler was voted captain by his teammates this year, his senior year. It will be very hard to replace an athlete like him. We will miss him next season!

Louisa Thompson ’21 - Indoor Track and Field 
Louisa is a hardworking and dedicated athlete. Though relatively new to the sport, Louisa brings a work ethic and drive to the team that you would only expect to see from a veteran three-season runner. She has an innate ability and passion for the sport. After many workouts, Louisa comes to the coaches asking if she can do more. Every weekend she is away from the team, Louisa continues to train, reporting back every Monday with all the miles she’s run over the weekend. Her drive, grit, and desire to succeed bring so much to the team, we only wish she joined years ago so we could have more time with her!

James Spencer ’21 - Indoor Track and Field  
The “One and Only” James Spencer has served as a cornerstone of the most successful boys’ team in school history. A quiet presence, James has earned a reputation for leading by example and never giving up on his teammates. Early in his running career, James worked with amazing team members who, during workouts and races, would pull him along. As James matured and developed as a runner, he remembered these teammates, and he subsequently developed into one of the best pack leaders. An effective pack leader not only needs confidence and intelligence, but most importantly, the trust of their teammates. James has earned the unwavering trust and admiration of his pack through consistency and effort. The current boys squad is even greater because James is a part of it. 

Josh Williams ’21 - Indoor Track and Field  
Josh is a determined sprinter and jumper who has also participated in throwing events, exploring his potential in different areas. He is always ready to help his teammates and to compete in suggested events, and is always in the greatest mood. Josh brings joy and good vibes to every practice. He thrives working in collaboration with his team and is incredibly dedicated to his performance. Josh is off to do amazing things. We wish him all the best.

Ethan Lin ’21 - Indoor Track and Field 
Ethan’s growth as an athlete and teammate these last few years is unmatched. In these years, Ethan has consciously decided to dedicate himself entirely to the sport and his teammates. He began running outside of structured practice times, putting in extra miles after practice, and regularly doing the maximum number of repeats each workout. Through this process, running has taught Ethan the value of consistency, hard work, and dedication. Ethan can proudly say all his accomplishments as a runner have been earned, a function of his tremendous efforts. He has embraced the importance of his teammates both on and off the track. The program could not be prouder of the progress Ethan has made.