Senior Artists of the Week: 3/5/21

The Visual and Performing Arts Departments celebrate the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.

Performing Arts

Ishaan Ratliff '21
Ishaan began performing with the Hackley bands in Middle School and has continued to play the trombone in the Upper School Concert Band and Jazz Band. A well-rounded musician, Ishaan is also a strong pianist.  In recent years he has focused his musical energy on his brass playing. Ishaan excels at projecting a big sound on his trombone and at playing with confidence.  Most importantly, he is a great team player; his passion for music, his energetic spirit, and his enthusiasm for music have been major contributions to the band program throughout his tenure at Hackley.

Visual Arts

Winslow Griffen '21
As many students who have developed and shared their remarkable artistic talents in our arts program over the years, there have been as many who have developed and shared their individual qualities of hard work, curiosity, character and kindness with the students and teachers of Hackley’s Visual Arts Department. Winslow is an artist who has accomplished and contributed both. As a talented and dedicated independent study architecture senior this year, Winslow consistently impresses with his outstanding architectural drawings and designs, as well as with his mature and generous personality. Always ready and eager to explore new architectural concepts and visions, Winslow is also just as ready with a friendly smile or greeting at the studio door. His presence makes the upper school art studio an even more enjoyable place to learn and teach in, and his independent study project work is inspiring a new group of young architects! During this particularly challenging year on the Hilltop, Winslow’s contributions to our program have been immensely welcomed and appreciated!