Senior Artists of the Week: 3/12/21

The Visual and Performing Arts Departments celebrate the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.

Performing Arts

Max Bryant '21
A member of the band since Middle School, Max Bryant’s consistent work ethic and supportive nature have been major contributors to Hackley music programs and to other student musicians. Max has learned to play a variety of percussion instruments including drum set, mallet percussion, timpani, and various types of hand percussion instruments. Over the years, Max has developed his technique and musicianship to successfully approach and play a variety of musical styles. He has performed in varying types of ensembles from classical symphonic repertoire to a wide range of concert band repertoire such as rock, pop, world music, marching band, and jazz style. His wide dynamic range includes a gentle,  sensitive touch—when playing a soft accompaniment part—to a strong confident beat when required. As a member of the Upper School Jazz Band, Max has offered many memorable solos.  Always interested in giving unreserved effort, Max has been a terrific member of our musical team.

Visual Arts

Martha Harris '21
Although 2020 brought its share of challenges and hardships to the Hackley Hilltop, it thankfully also brought Martha Harris to the senior art studio. It is difficult to imagine ascending this year’s unusually steep AP Studio Art mountain without Martha’s enthusiasm and sunny optimism along for the journey. Whether cheering and supporting her peers during critique, or sharing her passion and talents for baking with the group, Martha has kept us all moving forward—the entire time steadily advancing her own portfolio without the least fuss or complaint. Martha is developing a series of drawings this year inspired by the most wonderful and envied English custom of afternoon tea. Elegantly designed and skillfully executed, her images transport the viewer to a quiet place of rest and reverie—where they are reminded that less is often more, and that some of life’s greatest gifts and pleasures are hidden in the smallest moments.