Senior Artists of the Week: 4/23/21

The Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Computer Science (a.k.a Digital Arts) Departments celebrate the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.

Digital Arts

Isabel Francis '21
Isabel truly enjoys the challenges and creativity of the computer science classroom and has been a fully invested member of the department during all four years of upper school. Beginning with an advanced placement as a 10th grader, Izzy has completed almost all of the coursework offered by the department. Isabel always welcomes a new challenge and develops creative and effective solutions. Last school year, in addition to the requirements of her computer science classes, Isabel willingly agreed to go “above and beyond” and work with Ms. Carrier to create a version of a digital docent app for iPad, an application which was to be used in conjunction with the Middle School art show in the spring of 2020. Although the work was virtually complete, unfortunately, COVID-19 changed those plans as we were unable to host that show. Currently, Isabel is a member of the Machine Learning with Music and Art course where she and her project partner, Deeya Patel, are creating an interactive instrument through which software will produce musical sounds in response to human movement as seen by a camera.

Sean Henry '21
Not a day goes by without seeing Sean’s smile as he greets his Computer Science peers. His lively persona is a welcomed addition to the Post AP Mobile App Development course. Sean’s ambition and willingness to be vulnerable drives his focus; recognizing value in his work. He is the teammate in class who will collaborate with an open mind, an honest perspective, and motivating words. Sean’s tenacity is what defines his 4 years as a CS student. His continuous desire to improve and excitement to continue studying CS pushes the mindset of all.

Performing Arts

Isabel Francis '21
Joining our Hackley program in sixth grade, Isabel Francis has been a valued member of the flute section during her years in both the Middle School Band and Upper School Concert Band. Isabel has a tremendous sense of dedication, always striving to improve her flute playing through lessons and practice. This year, Isabel presented an outstanding reference project on Beethoven in her chamber music class, which will become a part of our library for future music students on the Hilltop.

Visual Arts

Mackenzie Jones '21
In an arts program that has seen so many remarkably talented student artists over the years, 
Mackenzie Jones manages to be an exception. With her keen eye, intuitive sense of color & design, and exacting touch with any drawing medium, Mackenzie has routinely surprised both her peers and teachers since she arrived in our art studios in ninth grade. Project by project, drawing by drawing, Mackenzie has consistently pushed not only beyond her own high standards but also past the expectations of the department; each year setting a higher bar that Hackley artists can reach for.

For her senior AP portfolio, Mackenzie is developing a series of meticulously observed and painstakingly executed portrait drawings. Suspended in water and surrounded by floral forms, her subjects appear caught between the real and the imaginary - animated with a lyricism reminiscent of 19th century Pre-Raphaelite painting. 

Jacob Rosenthal '21
JB joined the Hackley photography program in 2018 and continued until last summer when he expressed a strong interest in producing an AP portfolio for his senior year. He is an enthusiastic traveler who enjoys his trips between Europe and the Americas and began exploring oceanfront cities and beaches in 2019 in support of his Sustained Investigation based on ocean/water.  

In his AP statement, he expressed, “Water, specifically the ocean, holds a special place in my heart. Many of my fondest memories took place in the ocean. Being in the ocean radiates a variety of emotions and mental states I desire to achieve. The ocean is naturally beautiful and it can shine and glow as the sounds of the waves crashing transmits peace to your soul.” JB has made frequent trips to various locations during different times of the day in order to capture different lights. Although his images were taken throughout the day, his favorite times are early mornings and late afternoons when the sky brings out the most interesting colors that affect the water and its surroundings. He feels his experience in producing these images has been most inspirational.