Senior Artists of the Week: 4/30/21

The Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Computer Science (a.k.a Digital Arts) Departments celebrate the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.

Digital Artists

Samantha Albright '21
Samantha’s journey in Computer Science is one that has been largely driven by determination. Early on, CS students learn the importance of finding the motivation behind their work. Samantha’s senior year has bridged two of her passions: fashion and programming. As she works towards implementing cloud storage into her mobile app, she is reminded of the intrinsic motivator she created for herself. As a reflective and inventive student, Samantha has propelled her work, embraced the collaborative culture of our classroom, and heightened her level of understanding.

Deeya Patel '21
Deeya has been a leading member of the Computer Science program throughout her years at Hackley School. Taking advanced coursework throughout, she continuously challenges herself to grow as both a student and computer scientist. During the 2019-2020 school year, Deeya designed a digital docent app for iPad to be used by visitors attending the Spring 2020 AP Art Show. This work required Deeya to connect and collaborate with Mr. Cice and student visual artists, working in the role of software developer. Although the work was virtually complete, COVID-19 necessitated canceling the show. 

Deeya’s passion for computer science, and understanding how it impacts our world, goes beyond the classroom. She and her brother, Divek, have designed a patent-pending product that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles above shoulder height in order to help prevent injuries among the visually impaired population. In order to support their continued work, in 2020 Deeya and Divek applied for and were awarded one of Hackley’s first Russ Hogg Creative Expression Grants! 

Performing Artists

Henry Nadile '21
A member of the band program since 6th grade, Henry Nadile has performed in the Upper School with both the Jazz Band and the Concert Band in 9th to 12th grades. In the last couple of years, he was the leader of the saxophone section and contributed as the sax captain and as a soloist to our many performances. In spite of his demanding academic requirements and his busy fencing practice and meet schedules, he made sure to stay involved with Hackley music and to contribute to the groups’ sounds and vibes. 

Visual Artists

Charles Dewey '21
Charles joined the Hackley photography program as a student in Intermediate Photography in 2019. Having sharpened his technical skills within a relatively short amount of time, he elected to produce an AP portfolio for his senior year.
Charles grew up surrounded by the high rises of New York City, but spent much of his free time traveling with his family within the United States and Northern Canada. From his travels grew an appreciation for the natural beauty unlike the environment in NYC.  He wrote, “Having lived in New York City my entire life, having the opportunity to travel and see beautiful cloud formations over luscious trees and desolate mountains, untouched by man, relaxes me.” 

In support of his portfolio, Charles observes cloud formations over the wilderness and the austere and rugged mountains, the lush green of the uncultivated land flanked by windy rivers, the bright colors of steamy lava, and the desolate desert. It is clear from his art that he enjoys visual symmetry and saturated colors with high dynamic range. His art is well-balanced, visually pleasing, and stimulating. Charles’s work is inspiring, and we look forward to the beautiful photographs sure to be submitted as part of his portfolio.

Niki Eckert '21
Niki began her photography studies at Hackley in 2018 when she joined the Foundations of Photography class and completed both Foundations and the Intermediate levels classes with great achievement. In the Fall of 2020, Niki elected to continue in photography as an independent study.
Niki has a passion for nature, focusing much of her work on the topic in all of her courses. She travels to various locations within and outside the United States, capturing natural scenes with remarkable sensitivity and understanding of light. She photographed in early mornings and afternoons when the skies were most colorful. Her recent images demonstrate her ability to approach her work from conceptual perspectives, such as her word interpretations of water, departure, wandering, and insomnia. 

Niki moves easily between the representational to abstract. One of her images from the doors project, taken from her farmhouse in Vermont, reminds viewers of Walker Evans’s Home of Sharecropper Floyd Burroughs. The combination of soft diffuse light and the objects on and around the seasoned wooden door creates a narrative quality that stimulates the imagination. Niki’s talent and determination continue to shine through her photography, and we look forward to the beautiful art sure to come out of her independent studies.