Senior Artists of the Week: 5/7/21

The Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Computer Science (a.k.a Digital Arts) Departments celebrate the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.

Digital Arts

Jordan Johnson '21
Jordan has been an integral part of the CS community since he began his journey in the program. As a Post-AP student, he continues to involve the Hackley community in his work, developing an app with the objective of streamlining communication between coaches and trainers. Jordan is a student who finds ways to exemplify kindness, maturity, and thoughtfulness in every action. His positive attitude has a direct impact on his learning and has contributed greatly to the development of a CS family.  

Audrey Pizzolato '21
Undoubtedly, Audrey is an extraordinary individual. Her achievements extend beyond the classroom into all areas of her life. As a current Comp Sci Independent Study student, Audrey continues to impress peers and teachers with her desire to broaden and enhance her understanding of the field. Taking on the role of lead Robotics teacher allowed Audrey to inspire and enrich a cohort of Hackley Scholars, an achievement recognized by the Girl Scouts. Audrey’s compassion and intellect are a fierce combination, but what’s most impressive is her strength of character and her ability to always put others before herself.

Performing Arts

Zachary Couzens '21
Zack is an outstanding student and a dedicated violist. He has always brought a positive, hard-working approach to all of orchestra rehearsals and concerts, and is truly a team player. Zack has been a strong leader within the orchestra since he joined as a sophomore; he is always on-point, always exhibiting devotion to the success of the group. In addition, he is a warm and friendly personality and a positive force on the Hilltop. His contributions to the ensembles and to the music programs at Hackley will be missed!

Visual Arts

Sadie Nippon '21
 A three-year veteran of Hackley’s Visual Arts program, Sadie Nippon is a talented art student who has spent her senior year at work on an independent study in portraiture. Through her assignments in Foundations and Intermediate Studio Art, Sadie explored a variety of media, including pencil, charcoal, and ink, gaining important confidence and skills with her drawing materials. Her interest in developing portraits evolved from her previous successes with self-portraiture. 

Sadie can often be found working on her projects outside of her classes, in the quiet of the studio. Describing the activity of making her artwork, Sadie states, “Doing art is such an amazing moment in my day when I can really focus my attention on a special, personal project and push away any and all daily stresses. Art is not only an awesome form of expression, it also allows me to be super creative and in control of how things develop in my drawings.”

Sadie’s current drawing project is a large portrait in charcoal of Jake Abraham ’21. In her drawing, Sadie has put special emphasis on the chiaroscuro-like lighting to dramatic effect. She has carefully crafted the subtle skin tones in her portrait with masterful blending of her charcoal. Sadie has also expertly emulated the near-abstract texture of her portrait’s hair with extensive linear mark-making. Although Sadie will be sorely missed in the art studio next year, it is exciting to know that she plans to continue making art in the future

Louisa Thompson '21
When Louisa first joined the Hackley photography program in 2018, it was immediately evident that she was very interested in the medium. She was a fast learner and an efficient worker. Her exposures were accurate and her prints demonstrated a wide tonal range. Within a short amount of time, her interest in photography became her passion. In addition to working on class projects, she began making digital collages on her smartphone. Her images were thought-provoking and visually pleasing. Currently, she is doing independent study utilizing the Advanced Photography curriculum.
Louisa is an intuitive photographer who works based on how she feels. She has a keen eye for form and understands how to combine forms in order to create new meanings. She enjoys both organic and geometric forms and has been able to transform what she observes into visually interesting images. The projects she has produced include water, abstraction, white on white, home, architecture, and spring. She likes texture, lines, and patterns. She is skillful in organizing her visual space and her designs often carry a good sense of rhythm. From using the rule of thirds to asymmetrical balance, she leads the viewer into a world where narration and beauty merge.