Senior Artists of the Week: 5/14/21

The Computer Science (a.k.a Digital Arts) Department celebrates the Class of 2021 through the Senior Artists of the Week series honoring Hackley’s graduating artists.

Digital Arts

Arjun Dayal '21
Arjun’s algorithmic expertise is reflected beyond the Computer Science classroom. The pandemic inspired him to think about ways to help his community and impact our world, and he designed and distributed face shields to help save lives. His selflessness and strength of character are reflected every day in the classroom. Arjun’s extensive knowledge of CS has given classmates a valuable perspective and inspired their own work. There is no doubt that the many accomplishments Arjun has made thus far are just a glimpse into what will come.  

Alexander Kyimpopkin '21
At any given moment, Alexander is likely working on a multitude of Computer Science projects that don’t fall into the usually required coursework. Alexander’s passion for the subject and desire to troubleshoot (tasks that are seemingly daunting for others) make him a stand-out student. His perseverance pushes beyond limitations and his depth of knowledge brings a new perspective to the classroom. Alexander is on his way to exciting new adventures in technology. 

Anthony Pizzolato '21
Anthony’s enthusiasm and energy invigorates the Computer Science classroom. He always pushes himself to conquer logical feats that seem impossible and he sparks the same in others. As an invaluable tutor and a mentor to the younger generation, Anthony is at his best when impacting the lives of his CS peers. Anthony showed grit and trusted his abilities as a freshman in AP Computer Science. And now as a senior who crafted two Independent Studies, Anthony has flourished and established a presence that won’t be forgotten. 

Tierra Robinson '21
Tierra is a driven and empowered Computer Science student. Her strength and confidence push her interest beyond a hobby and allow for a deeper connection to the computer science field of study which is most apparent through her creativity and imagination during the Game Design class. In her senior internship, she continues to thrive by deepening her knowledge of the Unity platform. Tierra will undoubtedly continue to explore, imagine, and create using technology well beyond her time at Hackley.