Hackley Student Musicians Participated in the Spring 2021 NYSSMA Solo Festival

Hackley musicians from all three divisions had a terrific showing at the Spring 2021 NYSSMA Solo Festival.

Each soloist recorded their repertoire for evaluation.  To provide a glimpse into their hard work, please enjoy these quotes: 

“It was a very challenging and novel experience, but I was proud and relieved to have submitted my final product after months of hard work.” -- Advith S, ‘23

“It was a good challenge, especially because I had a lot of responsibility.  I learned a lot about time management.” Emmett G. ‘27

Lower School Soloists
Adhijay A., cello, '29, Amy C., piano, '31, Neil D-S., piano, '30, Jolan M., piano, '30, Leena S., piano, '29, Joseph T., violin and piano, '29, Megan W., piano, '31, Fiona Y., piano, '31, Isaac Z., piano, '31
Middle School Soloists
Isaac A., voice and viola, '26, Theodore A., piano, '27, Mateo A., viola, '26, Rani B., bass and guitar, '27, Alex B., trumpet, ’25, Jiya D, piano, '26, Gabrielle D-A, violin, '25, Emmett G., violin, '27, Leila I., viola and piano, '27, Rami I., piano, '27, Mason L., viola, '26, Mai M., flute, ’27, Vivek M., piano, '25, Emma P., cello, '28
Upper School  Soloists
Aniketh Arvind, violin, '24, Indira Brou, flute, ’24, Jad Benslimane, cello and trombone, '24, Corinne Cheong, violin, '22, Thomas DeGirolami, oboe, ’22, Annabelle Gray, clarinet, ‘22, Arushi Chandra, voice ’23, Akshi Khowala, piano, '23, Ava Lattimore, flute, ‘23 ,  Sophia Kliachko, voice, ‘24, Eliza Podvalny, piano, '24, Sophie Ryan, violin, '24, Ian Randall, percussion, ‘24, Advith Sharma, oboe and piano, '23, Daniel Zhang, violin and piano, '22