Announcing New Chair Holders 2022-2023

Hackley School is pleased to announce and celebrate our four new Endowed Chair holders, Dr. Andrew Ying as the Akin Family Chair, Dr. Lauren Rigby as the Ferraro Family Chair, Eva Van Buren as the Wallace W. McLean Chair, and Glenn Hasslinger as the Sternberg Family Chair. 

Endowed chair holders are nominated by their peers in recognition and celebration of outstanding teaching. Please read the accolades below from colleagues, as shared as part of the nominations process.  

Akin Family Chair - Dr. Andrew Ying
This Chair is endowed by Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Akin, III ’54 and members of the Akin family to recognize distinguished accomplishments in teaching. Recipients are teachers with eight to fifteen years of teaching at Hackley.  

In his nominations, Dr. Ying was praised for his work in starting the Independent Research Program in Science with one person noting that he has "worked tirelessly to help build connections and prepare students for 'real life'" through conducting mock interviews, critiquing cover letters, and ensuring they are ready for presentations. A colleague shared, "Andrew is incredibly hardworking and dedicated.  Being an accomplished and passionate scientist, he hoped to share his passion for research with Hackley’s student body. He spent years tirelessly researching successful high school research programs both nationally and locally. After years of reading, going on school visits, interviewing program heads, and reaching out to current scientists in the Hackley community, Andrew founded the Hackley ISRP Program." Congratulations Andrew!

Ferraro Family Chair in the Arts - Dr. Lauren Rigby
This Chair is endowed by Jack M. Ferraro H ‘63, P ‘94, ‘95 and members of the Ferraro family to honor distinguished achievement in teaching fine arts, performing arts, and arts in association with technology.  Recipients are teachers with at least eight years of teaching experience. 

Colleagues who nominated Dr. Rigby praised both the quality of her teaching, as well as her professionalism and musicianship. "Dr. Rigby is admired and appreciated by her students and colleagues for her clear dedication to excellence, her high standards for music education, and her supportive efforts in the Performing Arts Department and throughout the school. She offers a tremendous musical knowledge, thoughtful attention to detail, immense preparedness, and high standards to each and every class, and she creates an atmosphere that supports deep ensemble work and high expectations. Dr. Rigby is a master teacher." Impressively, Dr. Rigby works seamlessly across ages, divisions, and abilities, demonstrating great range as an educator, all while deflecting attention from herself and to her students. A colleague wrote, "She is consistently understated and humble, and I have always admired how she lets her work speak for itself. Lauren manages to raise the bar every year, without any showmanship or pretense." Congratulations Lauren!

Wallace W. McLean Chair - Eva Van Buren
The Wallace W. McLean Chair for Mathematics and Science was established through the generosity of Wallace Willard McLean ’35, a former trustee of Hackley School who made his career in engineering. The Chair, Hackley’s first, was donated in honor of the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1935 to recognize and support distinguished teaching in Mathematics and Science. Recipients are teachers with at least eight years of teaching experience.

Mrs. Van Buren was praised for her impact on hundreds of students over her time on the Hilltop. A colleague noted, "Eva is a fabulous classroom teacher. She is very creative and this creativity enables her students to hone their non-routine problem solving skills." She was credited with bringing Singapore Math to the Lower School, helping it grow and flourish as a signature component of math education at Hackley. Her nomination also noted her willingness to take on new challenges and to keep growing as an educator, as evidenced by her role as a Math Coach, teaching the teachers as they provide math instruction. As an educator with both Lower School and Middle School experience, Mrs. Van Buren serves as an important bridge between the divisions. Congratulations Eva! 

Sternberg Family Chair - Glenn Hasslinger
This Chair is endowed by Hackley parents Laurie and Sy Sternberg P ’04 to honor distinguished achievement in teaching. Recipients are teachers with at least eight years of teaching experience.  

Mr. Hasslinger was recognized by colleagues as giving selflessly to Hackley, whether as a teacher, coach, or coordinator. A colleague shared, "Glenn is an excellent PE teacher and is dragging kids outside to see the outdoors come rain, shine, or snow, and they always come back smiling and laughing and with a new found love of being outside." As a coach and Middle School teacher, his colleagues praised his willingness to go above and beyond. "He is a coach and gives up much of his time to mentor athletes and many of his weekends too. He leads trips in the summer where he has middle schoolers camping in the wilderness." Mr. Hasslinger is also widely respected and admired for his relationships with students.  "His rapport with Middle Schoolers is very special to witness. He is infinitely patient, glowingly positive and unwaveringly supportive of all Middle School students. He is an attentive and generous advisor, finding the spaces to meet students where they are and supporting them with a firm hand and full heart. [...] When I think of team-player, I think of Glenn." Congratulations Glenn!