Aniketh Arvind ‘24

I am studying biomimetics, which is a novel field of robotics where scientists aim to emulate an organisms’ unique biological characteristics in robots. The purpose of such a field is to increase efficiency.

Why did you pursue this project?
Hi everyone! My name is Aniketh Arvind and I am currently a sophomore in ISRP studying biomimetic robotics. Aside from science and engineering, my hobbies include playing the piano and the violin, as well as playing soccer and cricket. I also enjoy competitive math (ex. AMC). 

During my 8th grade summer, I attended Columbia University’s pre-collegiate program where I studied Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During the course I developed a business plan where AI-powered drones would be used to deliver crucial medicines to rural areas. I won first place in the final competition for “Best Company Idea.” After I presented my idea and during the Q&A session, someone asked me if drones could pose a potential threat to wildlife. After the course, I began looking into a solution to this question. How could drones be manipulated or changed to better assimilate into their environments? Through further research, I came across biomimetic robotics.