Kiran Marfatia ‘23

Kiran’s work was to write programs in Python to develop aircraft simulations, specifically regarding the aerodynamics of the wings and flaps of a plane.

Why did you pursue this project?
Hi there! My name is Kiran Marfatia, and I am a junior in the Independent Science Research Program at Hackley. In school, I have a wide variety of interests. On the humanities side, I am really interested in history, especially the two world wars. Mostly, however, I am passionate about science and more specifically physics. Outside of school, I play golf, I love to ski, and I am really interested in cars and airplanes. As a kid, I grew a fascination for these machines and always wanted to learn more about them. At first, I was simply interested in learning which of these machines were which and being able to name them on the road/at the airport. As I got older, this grew into looking into the specifics of how they work and the engineering process behind designing them. This, along with my passion for science, got me interested in the field of doing research in aerospace engineering.

WESEF 2022
ASM Materials Education Foundation Award (WESEF)
Outstanding research in materials engineering