Remi Myers ‘24

I am studying the different possible cures and treatments for food allergies.

Why did you pursue this project?
Hi everyone! My name is Remi Myers and I am a sophomore in my first year of ISRP. I am currently taking accelerated chemistry, accelerated precalculus, AP Latin, English, US history, and I am minoring in drama. I am on the school’s varsity tennis and track teams as well as a dance team outside of school. In ISRP I am currently studying the cures and treatments for food allergies. During the beginning part of 2020 I joined an organization called EAT (End Allergies Together) where I, as a teen ambassador, helped in various fundraisers to raise money for scientists to find a cure for food allergies. Using the prior experience in the foundation my interest in the topic increased and that is ultimately why I decided to join IRP to further my study of it.