NJ Roc-Sennett ‘24

I am studying schizophrenia, which is a severe mental illness that is predominantly characterized by hallucinations and delusions. Schizophrenia is chronic and there is no known cure, so I am looking at ways to learn more about this disease as well as explore possible cures.

Why did you pursue this project?
Hello! I am NJ, a sophomore in the Independent Research Program. I came to Hackley in ninth grade. Some fun facts about myself: I am a musician and play the electric guitar in multiple bands. I also enjoy traveling and sailing. At Hackley, I am on the field hockey and fencing teams. My favorite subjects are chemistry, English, and ISRP. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends (and my two dogs).

I have always been interested in neuroscience, and I want to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon. The brain is intricate in so many ways: it is the crossroads of our physical, chemical, and psychological makeup. I am fascinated by how the different areas of the brain interact, how these interactions may alter under different conditions, and how treatments can restore the brain's potential. The neurological disease I am focusing on is schizophrenia. A close family friend suffered from schizophrenia and after multiple treatments passed away. I want to make a difference by finding ways to treat the cause of schizophrenia and improve the lives of people with similar conditions.