2022 Endowed Chair Holder Reception

At a reception honoring a legacy of outstanding faculty, Hackley celebrated endowed chair holders and the donors who established these chairs.  This year’s honorees were: Glenn Hasslinger, Sternberg Family Chair; Lauren Rigby, Ferraro Family Chair in the Arts; Eva Van Buren, McLean Chair in Mathematics and Science; and Andrew Ying, Akin Family Chair.

Excerpted comments from remarks the honorees delivered:

While many things have changed and grown in the last decade…what remains constant, and keeps me inspired, are the people.  The students very much have the same enthusiasm and dedication for learning that I first encountered when I arrived. That inspires me to want to improve my craft, and I'm constantly trying new things that will help students find more enjoyment in learning physics and science research. I am also inspired daily by my fellow colleagues. It is hard to imagine you would find another place with the same concentration of faculty who are as dedicated as Hackley teachers. Their love for their respective fields and creativity to develop new lessons makes me want to have my full career here. To paraphrase an analogy by Chris Loomis, Hackley is not a place that is a rung on a ladder in our careers, but it is the top of the ladder we are trying to reach and remain on.
Thank you Akin family for your generosity in providing the gift that helps to take away the financial burden that comes with living in the northeast, and allows us more time to think about the things we love, and working with the people we care about!  I am truly honored and grateful to receive the Akin Family Chair.
-    Andrew Ying, Akin Family Chair
I want to thank all the families who have made this night possible with their generous gifts to Hackley. I am honored to be here tonight with friends and colleagues who I have a tremendous amount of respect for and who I would say are some of the living legends at Hackley.

Over these past 15 years, I never could have imagined the range of experiences I would have at Hackley. I have taught Health, Physical Education, and Outdoor Adventure. I have taken students camping, snowshoeing, golfing, ziplining, and white water rafting…. I have always loved teaching Hackley students. I am amazed at how bright, energetic, and hardworking our students are. I am amazed by their character and their genuine love for learning. When former students return to the Hilltop, and they are now twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, I have always loved listening to them reflect back on their years on the Hilltop. 

Some of my favorite memories I have are from coaching. I have coached soccer, squash, and golf and have been a part of some incredible teams over the years, including 3 undefeated golf Ivy League titles and two NYSAIS championships!

These are just a few of the thousands of memories I have and will continue to make at Hackley. All of these memories bring me back to one simple thought: Hackley is a very special place. During my first year at Hackley, I remember hearing about “The Hackley Community” over and over again. I kept thinking, wow they are really into this community thing. Now I understand why.
-    Glenn Hasslinger, Sternberg Family Chair

I am humbled and honored to receive the Wallace M. McLean Chair.  Hackley holds a special place in my heart.  I call it my home away from home….I love teaching here and could not imagine teaching elsewhere. The caliber of students at Hackley and their level of motivation is inspiring. They are curious and find joy in learning. I know firsthand what an outstanding education students receive, by seeing what they can accomplish, and also having my two daughters graduate from Hackley as lifers.   Hackley prepared them extraordinarily well for college and beyond.
-    Eva Van Buren, McLean Chair in Mathematics and Science

My work at Hackley has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my life as a teacher, musician, and person. As a Hackley teacher, I find that I connect with humanity in a deep way; when I think about my program or about the performing arts department, I think about the whole picture – the students, their experiences, and the arts as part of the school Community. My purpose is always focused on the students and the larger scope of how their lives evolve through their time at Hackley. Even for the students who don’t continue in the long-term with music, I hope to give them an appreciation of how music connects with human experience, how music speaks to our humanity and how it serves as a language of connection. 
I am overjoyed to be part of the Hackley Community. My son is in 2nd grade here, and my experiences as a Hackley parent have enriched my life, both personally and by extension, as a Hackley teacher.

I’m very honored to have been selected for the Ferraro chair, and I look forward to many years ahead on the Hilltop. I am full of thanks and appreciation for all those who have made this possible for me and my colleagues. 
-    Lauren Rigby, Ferraro Family Chair in the Arts