Hackley Slice of History: Remembering an Alumnus on Veterans Day

As Hackley pauses with the nation to acknowledge Veterans Day, a day honoring all military veterans, we recognize and give thanks to all those who have served our country in the Armed Forces. Veterans Day is a day of celebration and honor.

Some time ago, Eduardo Cue ’69, a journalist in France, shared this front-page New York Times piece from 1966 about the two hills in a young Marine's life—our Hackley Hilltop and the hill in Vietnam where he was killed. The Marine's name was Richard Marks ’65, and a copy of his book, The Letters of Pfc. Richard E. Marks, is in the Sternberg Library’s “Hackley Collection,” which features books by Hackley alumni.

This New York Times article made a huge impact on Eduardo, and he keeps a copy with his personal belongings. "It juxtaposed the peace of the Hilltop with the hell that is war," he shared.

A portrait of Richard (pictured) was destroyed in the 2007 Goodhue Memorial Hall fire. Pictured also is a photo of the plaque paying tribute to Richard that now hangs in King Chapel. A memorial service was held for him there following his death. Parents of an alumnus who were fond of the portrait, and saddened by the fact that it was destroyed in the fire, funded this plaque so that Richard and others could be appropriately honored.