'Hackley Perspectives' Wins Two 'Brilliance Awards'

Hackley School is proud to share that we have won two InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards for works published on the School’s blog—Hackley Perspectives. (Click above to read the judge’s comments.)

Cyndy Jean’s piece, Radical Self Love: Leaning into the Journey of Discovery and Growth, published December 2020, won Gold. Aisha Laspina-Rodriguez’s piece, Celebrating the Self—Honoring Heritage, published February 2021, won Silver. (Click the links to read each piece.)

The Brilliance Awards is the only international competition that recognizes excellence in private and independent school marketing and communications. The competition is sponsored by InspirED School Marketers, an online professional development resource and community for private school administrators across the United States that offers podcasts, survey reports, inspiration, case studies, resources, and much more.
Winners were selected by a panel of judges consisting of 71 marketing experts from peer schools and school marketing organizations around the world. Entries were scored on originality, persuasiveness, copy/script/dialog, visual elements, execution, and overall appeal.