Middle School Debate Team Secures Most Wins at League Championship

On Saturday, April 29, Hackley proudly hosted the New York Debate League Championship tournament, bringing the 2022-2023 Middle School Debate season to an impressive close. More than 50 teams from 13 schools gathered in our cafeteria during a rain-soaked day for this exciting event, which featured five preliminary rounds and an intense final public debate between the top two teams.

Hackley was well-represented with 10 teams competing, and our amazing debaters proved their skills by securing the most number of total wins for the day. Two of our teams—Mia S. ’28, Jonah G. ’27, David G. ’27 (3rd place) and Rani B. ’27, Shreyas K. ’27, Zach W. ’27 (5th place)—earned impressive 4-1 records.

Special shout-out to Jonah G., who received a gavel for being the 2nd place speaker out of more than 150 debaters! Nico K. ’27 (6th), Zach W. (11th), David G. (12th), Mia S. (17th), and Shreyas K. (20th), also took home top speaker awards. 

We are incredibly proud of all 28 Middle School debaters who participated in the competition, including fifth graders Sophie P., Neil D., and Ryan L.; sixth graders Kubrick C. and Rohan M.; seventh graders Emerson P., Evelyn W., and Mia S.; and eighth graders Theo A., Zack R., E. Wang, Owen S., Arya G., Brigid D., Avish C., Max M., Brian F., Jonah G., David G., Rani B., Shreyas K., Zach W., Isabella Z., Valentina C., Sophie K., Nico K., Kiki J., and Sebastian J.

Debaters tackled such thought-provoking topics as "Ban Hate Speech," "Genetically Modified Plants Do More Good than Harm," and "Give the Black Hills back to the Sioux Nation." Their dedication, hard work, and passion for debate shone through in all their performances.

A huge round of applause for all our Hackley Middle School debaters! Their accomplishments are truly inspiring.