Behind The Fence: The Center Construction Update (September 2022)

In August, Hackley completed the demolition of the former Performing Arts Center, which allowed us to move forward to ready the site for the new building.

Working closely with our construction partners at Consigli and with the demolition team, we were able to divert more than 65% of the demolition materials from the landfill—identifying ways to both reuse and recycle all that came from the PAC.

The crews are in the process of completing the necessary plans and obtaining the permits to relocate an existing sewer line that ran through the site (something that was unknown to us prior to demolition—surprise!). Concurrently, the team will begin rock and foundation chipping to not only remove the former foundations, but to extend the footprint of the site to allow for construction of the Center, which is larger than the former PAC. This work alone will take several months. 

In addition to work on the site itself, the team is building a material storage and staging site behind Zetkov to be able to receive supplies and keep them here on campus—alleviating supply chain pressures. One noticeable piece of the project will also happen in September, and that is the removal of the trees necessary to build the new building and its related infrastructure. Although we do need to take down a good number of trees, once the project is complete, we will have planted more than we removed as part of our final landscaping plans.
If you have any questions, please contact Robert J. Aldrich.