Behind The Fence (February 2023)

Work continues behind the fence and, after months of rock hammering and rock drilling, last week we moved on to the next sequence of activities in the construction schedule.

Although rock hammering and drilling will continue through the end of March, new subcontractors arrived recently at Hackley to begin the process of installing rock anchors in the exposed stone façade. Rock anchors, or rock bolts, are installed horizontally into the ledge to a depth of about 30 feet. Their purpose is to literally anchor the exposed portion of the rock to deeper, more competent rock to prevent rock fall. The anchors are installed in a pattern based on the quality and type of rock and then are covered by mesh, metal plating, and then 12 inches of shot-on concrete. This solidifies the exterior rock and secures it in place, creating one unit out of the ledge that is anchored 30 feet back into the ground. 
In addition to the rock anchors, site contractors also began installing some of the underground utilities. A new sewer line that captures waste from the upper portions of the campus is being rerouted around the new building’s footprint. The manholes and connections were installed earlier this week to allow for that line to be moved out of the way so the full site can be cleared as we prepare for foundations. 
Speaking of foundations, the rock hammering and rock drilling is almost finished! Most of the wall work is done, but the crews continue to chip away at bedrock to level the site for footings and foundations. After our return from Spring Break, we should see a steady stream of concrete trucks on campus as the base of the building starts to take shape. 
With us moving into new phases of construction, we will have a lot more workers on campus with multiple activities happening simultaneously. The lower lot and Benedict Avenue Field are now offline for Hackley use, as the crews need more parking and more areas for material delivery and staging. As more trucks begin delivering concrete, rebar, and steel, workers will be in the Loop Road more often directing traffic. Please continue to exercise caution driving around the new building site and Zetkov, and watch for moving construction traffic. 
If you have any questions, contact Director of Operations and Campus Planning Robert J. Aldrich. The site will start to look very different now with each passing week. Soon enough, these Behind the Fence updates will be about more than just rock!