AP Physics Students Get Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Center Construction

On Friday, Oct. 27, AP Physics students took an on-campus field trip to the construction site for the Center for the Creative Arts and Technology.

During the visit, students met with Caren Amicone, senior project manager for our partners at Consigli Construction; James Riina, project management team at Colliers Project Leaders; and architects David Coon of Pelli Clarke & Partners and Kevin Naimoli of Richard Turlington Architects.

Students also had the opportunity to watch the crane lift I-beams into place. It was a fascinating experience to learn about the structural requirements for cantilevered sections of the building, as well as the water management system to reclaim rainwater for landscaping use.

One student commented: “This was a great opportunity — this construction project is a clear-cut example of how four separate specialized areas — design, architecture, construction and logistics — merge” to create our future Center for the Creative Arts and Technology.