Hackley Debate Team Ranks First in Total Wins at Hilltop HSPDP Tournament

On December 9, Hackley hosted our very own HSPDP debate tournament.

With six Hackley teams competing, we ranked first in total number of wins, and second in percentage of wins.

All debaters performed incredibly well! A special congratulations goes to Lilly Rosenthal ’27 and Layan Sow ’27, who ended the tournament in second place with an undefeated record. Seniors Spencer Ormsby, Jad Benslimane and Robbie Gutheil came in fourth place.

Hackley also took home many speaker awards. Jad was the tournament’s second-best speaker and Hackley’s top speaker. Spencer came in third place, Angela Croce ’25 in sixth place, Nina Zeltser ’25 in 7th place and Phoebe Abrahms ’24 in twelfth place.

The rest of the team consisted of freshmen and two newcomers, Joujou Shair ’25 and Aiden Wasserman ’24.