Advanced Topics in Economics Students Learn from Hackley Parent, Alumni on NYC Trip

On Wednesday, April 24, Mr. Sykes’s Independent Study class, “Advanced Topics in Economics,” embarked on a field trip to New York City. Throughout the year, this class has learned about finance and the world of Wall Street, exploring such topics as the time value of money; discounted cash flows; investing basics; and the distinctions between hedge funds, investment banks and other fields within finance. Last week’s trip served as a culmination of their studies, providing the students with firsthand insight into the workings of our financial system.
The day began at Soros Fund Management, where Dawn Fitzpatrick P ’22, ’24, ’28, a Hackley Trustee and the current CEO and CIO at Soros, led a spirited and informative discussion. Dawn, along with a colleague specializing in merger arbitrage, did an excellent job of providing an overview of the Fund’s operations, explaining how merger arbitrage works and sharing some of the thought processes behind investment decisions. Dawn has an uncanny ability to make complex financial topics engaging and accessible for students, who learned a tremendous amount during the informative and insightful conversation.

After Soros, the group headed downtown to Goldman Sachs, where Alex Gluckman ’16, Hackley Alumni Association Director, and Liz Hirsch Cherner ’07 organized a panel featuring Hackley alumni working at Goldman Sachs. The panel — Evan Loewenstein ’03, Charlotte Wechsler ’14, Sofie Alabaster ’15, Lindsay Schechter ’16 and Michael Castro-Blanco ’18 — explained their roles at Goldman Sachs and the various functions of the bank. They also shared insights and advice about college, careers and the finance sector in general.

Hackley students, as evidenced by their questions, were clearly engaged as they eagerly absorbed the panel’s wisdom. The visit at Goldman Sachs ended with a discussion with a few managing directors on the trading floor, followed by a tour. This last part of the day, like everything else, proved eye-opening and highly informative and was greatly enjoyed by the students.

The trip offered our Hackley students a unique opportunity to visit some of the world’s premier financial institutions and learn from experts in the field. We are immensely grateful to Dawn Fitzpatrick and the team at Goldman Sachs for facilitating such a memorable experience.