Hudson Scholars Inaugural Cohort Fetes High School Graduation

Hudson Scholars celebrated a monumental achievement in June: the high school graduation of the program's inaugural cohort!

In July 2017, 16 Hudson Scholars arrived on the Hilltop for what would become four consecutive summers of learning, relationship building, growth and fun. These same Scholars will be graduating from high school this year. To celebrate this incredible group of young adults, Hudson Scholars hosted a brunch at The Castle, across the street from Hackley. Nearly every member of that original cohort attended, along with more than ten Hackley alumni who volunteered as mentors in 2017, 2018 and/or 2019.

The day served as a reminder of why Hudson Scholars is such a special program, a place where bright, motivated, resilient and kind young people filled with potential come together to learn, grow and laugh. It is also a place where, at its core, relationship building and human connection serve as catalysts for bringing out the very best in everyone involved.

A big thank you to the alumni who came back to celebrate these amazing young people! And an even bigger congratulations to this incredible group of Hudson Scholars on their upcoming high school graduation. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!