Arthur Naething: Go Forth and Spread Beauty and Light

Hackley Review Winter 2014-15: Walter Schneller wrote of the Hackley “pantheon,” that place of legend occupied by Hackley teaching masters who, through length of tenure, force of personality, and effectiveness as teachers, left an indelible mark on the generations of students whom they taught.

Walter Schneller, Hackley history teacher and historian, who died in 2008, was such a teacher, and Arthur Naething, who taught at Hackley for 35 years until his retirement, was as well, his place in the pantheon secured decades ago.

Mr. Naething’s reach, however, extends to the current generation -- as his words “Go Forth and Spread Beauty and Light” have been claimed by students as part of the tripartite motto that defines their Hackley experience: Enter Here to Be and Find a Friend. United We Help One Another. Go Forth and Spread Beauty and Light.

Arthur Naething died October 12, 2014.

Please join us for a Memorial Service for Arthur Naething on Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM in Hackley's King Chapel.