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Hackley School Competencies

The first edition of Hackley’s K-12 competencies has been published. Each competency includes 4-6 skills that will enable us to bring Hackley’s Portrait of a Graduate to life and guide future curriculum design.

Written, Spoken, and Creative Expression

A. Communicates clearly and effectively with the relevant audience in mind.
B. Develops a voice by taking creative risks and making courageous choices.
C. Demonstrates the value of practicing, drafting and revising.
D. Communicates through various modes of expression
E. (e.g., poetic, analytical, artistic, fictional, historical, persuasive, creative).
F. Creates and appreciates beauty in various modes of expression.

Quantitative and Digital Fluency

A. Skillful with complex mathematical, logic and quantitative concepts.
B. Demonstrates procedural fluency and detail orientation.
C. Uses algorithmic thinking to solve complex problems creatively.
D. Creates, manipulates, analyzes, interprets and visualizes data effectively.
E. Understands how technology influences self and society and demonstrates digital citizenship.

Inquiry, Literacy, and Research

A. Engages imagination to explore and discover areas of interest.
B. Transforms curiosity into meaningful, relevant questions.
C. Reads texts closely to arrive at original insights and interpretations.
D. Carefully questions assumptions during the research process.
E. Employs relevant research methods to locate or produce reliable information.

Critical Thinking

A. Poses meaningful questions and identifies complex problems.
B. Aware of bias and perspective, including one’s own.
C. Makes coherent arguments that follow a clear line of reasoning.
D. Draws sound inferences and makes cogent interpretations.
E. Reflects on one’s own thinking process.

Team Work

A. Leads, follows and cooperates with others to reach effective team outcomes and broaden perspectives.
B. Gives and seeks appropriate help.
C. Shares credit and demonstrates humility.
D. Listens attentively and engages in dialogue appropriately.

Character and Responsible Citizenship

A. Acts with honesty and integrity.
B. Displays moral courage in ethical decision-making.
C. Takes responsibility for actions and their impact on others.
D. Exhibits respect and empathy.
E. Employs knowledge and exercises obligations of citizenship to purposeful ends on local, national and global levels.

Understanding Perspectives

A. Actively seeks to understand and learn from the perspectives of other peoples, identities, cultures and countries.
B. Communicates effectively in multiple languages.
C. Understands the complex factors that construct identities.
D. Exhibits flexibility when encountering difference and embraces ambiguity with humility.


A. Acquires habits and skills that promote wellness physically, emotionally, socially, cognitively and spiritually.
B. Demonstrates awareness of self in relation to others and maintains healthy relationships with peers and adults.
C. Exhibits successful strategies for managing time, priorities, stress and effective learning.
D. Responds to challenge with resilience and humor.
E. Able to balance varying pursuits and finds joy in learning.
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