Allison Chin ‘24

I created a workflow that allowed for more accurate analysis of imaging of Alzheimer’s brain tissues.

Field of study:

Why did you pursue this project?

I’d always been interested in neuroscience and loved the intersectionality of it, but after my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, I became focused on researching it to try and help contribute to the fight against the disease. Last year, I did a research project assessing how Alzheimer’s patients overestimate their cognitive abilities and relating this overestimation to pathology measures, which was very psychology related. So, I knew I wanted to do something more biology-focused this summer. I was intrigued by my lab’s focus on growing brain tissues, and was also excited by the prospect of learning how to use image analysis programs.

Tell us about yourself

Outside of the classroom, I love to draw and paint portraits (hopefully I’ll continue this in college!), listen to music (favorite artists at the moment are Taylor Swift, Lorde, Noah Kahan, and Hozier), read books (not horror, though), dissect movies and tv shows, bake when I can, and take naps. I follow tennis, but I’ve been trying to get into more sports (I finally understand how football works!).

Science research related awards / publications

WESEF 2024 - Innovations in Biological Sciences Research Award
WESEF 2023 - 3rd place in Category Award