James Potanin ‘24

I’ve been learning and reading about new techniques to make lithium-ion batteries stronger, longer-lasting, and safer.

Why did you pursue this project?
Hi, I’m James, and I’m a sophomore here at Hackley and in the ISRP program. One of my hobbies is playing ice hockey, and I am also super passionate about science. I originally got interested in lithium-ion batteries when I would read newspaper articles, and I would often stumble across an article or two about these new revolutionary batteries and the potential they have. So, when I had to choose what I wanted to research in ISRP, I decided to take a deeper dive into understanding these batteries. From there, my passion only grew, leading to me reading and analyzing many research articles on lithium-ion batteries, specifically about improving their safety mechanisms. I’m excited to start a summer mentorship and work on a lithium-ion battery project this summer!