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Chapel Talks

Each year, Hackley faculty and staff present brief talks to members of the senior class that offer thoughts on a theme the speaker finds personally meaningful.
Offered with honesty and humility, the topics range from the comical to motivational to deeply moving and personal. A favorite part of senior year, the Chapel Talks give students insight into the humanity of the mentors who have guided them here on the Hilltop, and by extension, into their own.

Chapel Talk with Steve Fitzpatrick

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  • Getting ready for a Chapel Talk

    Chapel Talks at Hackley

    By Andy King, Upper School Director:  I am often asked by prospective families as well as current parents and students how Hackley’s Upper School engages in character education. I love being asked about this because the people who care enough to ask are deeply interested in the enterprise of character development and have a clear sense of Hackley’s mission. Hackley’s ambitious mission conspicuously places character ahead of scholarship and accomplishment in that trinity. And though the Upper School does not have a Character Education Department, nor are their course offerings such as “How to Be a Good Person” or “How to Make Sound Decisions,” character education is at the heart of what we do.
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    • Dan Lipin: A Summer Camp Story

  • Wil Lobko, Travel

    Wil Lobko, Travel

  • Chris Arnold, Remember To Love

    Chris Arnold, Remember To Love

  • Oshon Temple, Go H.A.C.K.!

    Oshon Temple, Go H.A.C.K.!


  • Angela Alonso, The Path Taken

    Angela Alonso, The Path Taken

  • Jed Dioguardi III, Technology through the Ages

    Jed Dioguardi III, Technology through the Ages

  • Tessa Johnson, Mistakes

    Tessa Johnson, Mistakes

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